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Celebrating the successes of our client's

Flower Cake

Birthday of the Month Winner


No birthday winner as I have no clients with an April birthday!


Client of the Quarter

1st Quarter Winner of 2024 is...

Diana Schaefer

What brought you to try Pilates?

"Core strengthening and stretching following spine surgery. I chose the reformer classes because I like/need the additional support the reformer (straps) provides as opposed to mat Pilates."

What has Pilates helped you achieve so far?

"Pilates has helped with strengthening my core and relieving muscle tightness and spasms."

What advice would you give to someone with regard to Pilates classes that you feel would help them maximize their experience?

"For myself, I need to remember to stay relaxed and breathe. Some of the exercises feel near impossible the first rep or two but then become easier as my muscles stretch and relax. Just push through and it will get easier. I always feel better after class than I do at the beginning."

For someone that has never tried or heard of Pilates before, how would you describe what it is to them? 

"I’d describe it as a discipline of getting to know and control your body and breathing for the benefit of stretching, strengthening, and relaxing your body and mind."

Diana S.jpg

Class LeaderBoard

Starting February 1st we are going to keep track of session completion.  Current clients only will be eligible for prizes upon reaching different levels of class & session completion.

Prize levels start at:

25 completed classes

50 completed classes

100 completed classes

150 completed classes

  200 completed classes  

Starts as of February 2, 2024

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