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See what our patients and clients are saying about us

Renee K.

"Back and shoulder are much better after receiving treatment, and would highly recommend this modality [dry needling] to family and friends"

Colleen B.

"I really like my Pilates Reformer classes. I enjoy exercises with the foot board and really all of the routines, including focusing on upper body and stretching as well as core strength. Building core strength is what led me to try the Reformer after PT with Becky for low back pain. I feel like I have made a lot of progress and have more confidence in moving more and being more active in the few months since I began my private Pilates classes. Thank you!"

Diana S.

What brought you to try Pilates?

"Core strengthening and stretching following spine surgery. I chose the reformer classes because I like/need the additional support the reformer (straps) provides as opposed to mat Pilates."

What has Pilates helped you achieve so far?

"Pilates has helped with strengthening my core and relieving muscle tightness and spasms."

What advice would you give to someone with regard to Pilates classes that you feel would help them maximize their experience?

"For myself, I need to remember to stay relaxed and breathe. Some of the exercises feel near impossible the first rep or two but then become easier as my muscles stretch and relax. Just push through and it will get easier. I always feel better after class than I do at the beginning."

For someone that has never tried or heard of Pilates before, how would you describe what it is to them? 

"I’d describe it as a discipline of getting to know and control your body and breathing for the benefit of stretching, strengthening, and relaxing your body and mind."

Jennea K.

"I have really enjoyed the classes and really appreciate Becky and how she pushes us to the next level!"

Eric G.

"I am a 56-year-old male that was experiencing sciatic nerve pain due to low back and hip issues. I started doing Pilates reformer classes with Becky to strengthen my core muscles. I am on my second 8-week session and can say after finishing my first session, I have not experienced any sciatica related pain. I continue going to Pilates classes because I have found my core strength improve and I am now able to perform weekend chores (ie: cutting and splitting wood) without significant soreness and pain lasting several days into the week. Attending weekly classes has improved my discipline to exercise and keeps me aware of posture mistakes during my job.
With Pilates you gain both strength and flexibility. Had you asked me 2 years ago if I would be doing Pilates I would have said there was a slim chance, but since trying it I don’t concern myself with the social stereotype that Pilates is for females only."

Rebecca B.

"I hike/walk a 5k everyday with my two doggos but I was looking for something more. I'm no stranger to Pilates - so when I moved to the area I was THRILLED to hear about The Refinery Wellness Center and even more pumped to see that Pilates was offered there! There are several reasons (stress relief, improved flexibility, increased muscle tone) why I'm in Becky's reformer class but the biggest reason is because of the full-body work (with lots of laughs) I get every Monday night!"

"Swoobs and Swass thanks to you!"

Brooke B.

"I had a personal trainer 15 years ago, and trained for half marathons, have drank the supplements and hit the gym majority of my life so would consider myself moderately knowledgeable in body movement. However, the last 2-3 years I've allowed myself to stay in rest mode and it began to show with aching knees, tight hips and a sore back so I thought I'd try something new. I began with reformer Pilates and recently signed up for the CoreAlign with Becky.
Working with a physical therapist has been incredible as there are body posture corrections that a personal trainer never brought to my attention so I know I'm doing the exercises the proper way and am not creating problems along the way.
The CoreAlign has reminded me I have muscles that haven't been in use for 2-3 years, I even joke sometimes I didn't know I had muscles in places at all until they were activated through this modality! This has actually taught me to engage these muscles more throughout the day and I'm noticing more stamina and strength with each time we meet. It's also helping with my other workouts I do at home or at the fitness center!"

Jill R. 

What brought you to try Pilates?

"I wanted to strengthen my core and build some muscle. Tone."

What has Pilates helped you achieve so far?

"I have gotten stronger for sure. Even beyond the strengthening and toning, my instructors have taught me more than just the benefits and techniques of Pilates. They are extremely helpful in a personal way. Any ache or pain or cramp or any other problem I may encounter, they always have advice for me or something new to try to help me. I come to Pilates for lots of reasons…and always leave happy and stress free—feeling good that I did something for myself."

What advice would you give to someone with regard to Pilates classes that you feel would help them maximize their experience?

"Focus…listen to what the instructors tell you."

For someone that has never tried or heard of Pilates before, how would you describe what it is to them? 

"The quickest hour of your day. Just learning new movements…and all of the sudden class is done. You won’t feel it til the next day!"

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