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Welcome to
ProActive Core Health

ProActive Core Health is an independently owned and operated, cash-pay only physical therapy clinic in New Holstein, Wisconsin.  We are focused on bringing patients high quality physical therapy treatment plans centered on and around the individual.  Our therapy services include general orthopedics, dry needling and specialization in women's pelvic health.  We care about our patients and want the best outcome for each individual to live their best, independent lifestyle.  Beyond physical therapy we pair our treatment plan and care with Pilates which offers significant benefits of understanding how to truly activate your core and progress to the next step of your wellness journey.  

ProActive Core Health is here to meet your individual needs, specific to your diagnosis, with ease of access to the required services.   ProActive Core Health is a direct access, cash-based practice, which ensures you receive only the necessary services. Physical therapy services are delivered by a licensed and certified physical therapist, in a professional and efficient manner, so you can get the results you want in a timely manner.  We go one step further and offer Pilates classes taught by the same licensed individuals to ensure continued maintenance care once your therapy is done, should you choose that path, to fulfill or go beyond your personal goals for therapy and general healthy lifestyle changes.


Reasons to Pay Cash for PT

  • No Co-pays

    • No extra out-of-pocket expenses when you come see us​

  • Price Certainty

    • Know exactly how much your services will cost​

  • Insurance does not dictate your care​​

    • Number of visits are determined between you and your therapist not a third-party​

  • No deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums​

    • No worries about if you are or are not going to meet certain amounts of coverage during the year and what percentage you will have to pay​

  • No surprise bills suddenly arriving in the mail​

    • No waiting 2 or 3 months after the date of service to find out how much it will cost you​

  • Reasonable pricing for services​

    • All services and costs listed plainly for you to see prior to your appointment​

  • Late afternoon and evening appointments available​

    • No more taking time off work or having your children miss school to make appointments​

  • All appointments are a full 60 minutes in length​

    • No rushing patients in or out for only 30-45 minute appointments​

  • No In-Network or Out-of-Network worries​

    • You will not be charged different amounts for your visit as can happen if you go through your insurance company to an out-of-network provider​

  • You may be able to get reimbursed from your insurance company after you pay cash​

    • If you have commercial or private insurance carrier (NOT available for MEDICARE) you may be able to turn in your superbill to get reimbursed for your care.  Learn more by checking out our Insurance Benefits Worksheet

  • Pay using your HSA/FSA accounts

    • You can still use your HSA and FSA accounts to pay for your therapy while paying cash for therapy​

  • We offer maintenance and progressive wellness services after you are finished with treatment​

    • Continue progressing by joining a Pilates or CoreAlign class once you have been discharged from formal physical therapy to continue progressing upon your goals and health journey​

Learn more about the CoreAlign 

Why CoreAlign?
-Dynamic and functional mobility
-Postural awareness
-Resistance training
-Great for all fitness and strength levels
-Injury prevention
-Proper core activation
-Pelvic floor activation and awareness
-Can be used as part of our physical therapy treatment or a stand alone exercise class
-And so much more...

Come learn more about the CoreAlign and everything we offer.  Click the link below to schedule a 30 minute CoreAlign Trial

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